Talent, Potential and Skill

2013-01-06 19:34:00 by ItoSaithWebb

Check out this small essay about Talent Vs Skill I wrote up. Also you get to see a progression of my artwork from when I was 5 to present day.

Talent, Potential and Skill

Back and Freelancing

2012-12-23 22:00:10 by ItoSaithWebb

Been a several months since I last spent some time on Newgrounds. I have been really busy with work. I have been doing work for Engima Games working on new game coming out called Warriors of the Shattered Crystal. I have also opened up a new store on Zazzle called TBW Designs , so be sure to check that out! I will be submitting artwork again here on Newgrounds once again, fell kind of behind, and a lot of this will be old work that I have reworked. Their compositions were sounds but my skills are better so be sure to be on the lookout for that.

Just Graduated

2012-07-13 02:30:26 by ItoSaithWebb

I just Graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a BFA in illustration. I am now slowly working my way into the gaming industry.

Sorry I haven't been around

2009-12-23 19:27:40 by ItoSaithWebb

Not only has my studies kept me real busy but I have also been real sick. However I am better now and I will be posting more of my stuff soon.

My process for creating my work & digital painting

2009-08-17 17:12:26 by ItoSaithWebb

In some of the reviews I have been asked how I create my work. I am digital painter and do most of my work in Photoshop with the aid of a Wacom tablet. A Wacom tablet is a pressure sensitive board and stylist that allows me to make traditional strokes inside most popular paint programs to date. When I first got into painting digitally I thought that it would be a kind of short cut and thus because I approached it that way my work was not very good. Then I started applying more traditional methods with in the program and it came all together. Painting digitally still requires traditional training and is nothing more than a new medium, one of which does not get you all messy and you can print out as much as you want of it.

Sorry rant off, I did say I would show my process so I will provide two links one will show the process I used to create the Yoda piece and another piece I am currently working on that should be up in a day or two, but you can follow along as I work on it.

Clash of the Titans

Farming Mushrooms (The Yoda Composition)

New Artist to Newgrounds

2009-08-14 22:53:39 by ItoSaithWebb

Well like the subject says I am new to Newgrounds however I have been around watching it until now. I am an illustrator and concept artist in training and I hope to be working in either the video game or movie industry as a concept artist while doing freelance illustration on the side.

I have currently been accept to Cal State Fullerton in their art programs which looks pretty strong and their program for illustration is just what I have been looking forward to. My classes start pretty soon but while I am excited to go I am also a little nervous about going since this will be a lot different than community college. I went to Fullerton college and it helped me get my skills where they are now today but I am hoping for a tough regiment over at the university so that I can become a super artist.

My current goal atm is to get into the industry in under two years from today.