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New Artist to Newgrounds

2009-08-14 22:53:39 by ItoSaithWebb

Well like the subject says I am new to Newgrounds however I have been around watching it until now. I am an illustrator and concept artist in training and I hope to be working in either the video game or movie industry as a concept artist while doing freelance illustration on the side.

I have currently been accept to Cal State Fullerton in their art programs which looks pretty strong and their program for illustration is just what I have been looking forward to. My classes start pretty soon but while I am excited to go I am also a little nervous about going since this will be a lot different than community college. I went to Fullerton college and it helped me get my skills where they are now today but I am hoping for a tough regiment over at the university so that I can become a super artist.

My current goal atm is to get into the industry in under two years from today.


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2009-08-15 01:54:28

i dout thats your art and that art you eft a review shut up its a great peice not a 7/10 dumbass. i will give you work 0s nowl

(Updated ) ItoSaithWebb responds:

Actually this is my work and I am very proud of what I have accomplished with theskills that I have honed. However, you are allowed to your opinions but I would like to request that you do a little research before you make such a bold accusation.


2009-08-15 03:19:29

sniper, your a moron. the art is all the same style and if this guy is an artist past college and in a university, he could've done these easy in the many years. plus he would have access to some high quality training and programs. you can't just give people 0s because of a 7/10 review. that's a good review anyway. i doubt you even hav flash, considering that you worked with others to do them. and even if you did make those, they got some pretty low scores anyway. ito, i'm great at drawing and all my friend hink i should start an art class, and so i can tell that all the submisions are from one guy, and if you are at the level you say your at, these coul easily be yours. welcome to the portal, and good luck on your goal!

ItoSaithWebb responds:

Thanks, for the added defend Killermurch. It makes me feel glad that there are those out in the world that have a good soul and mind. Gives one hope that the world isn't as screwed up as the News often makes it out to be. =)


2009-08-15 03:40:31

i actually started writing before yo posted. there are some crazies here, like the guy who tried to burn down his scool. anyway i have a piece in my art submisions that noone's really looked at. i'm not asking you to scout me, just tell me where i'm at and if i'm close to as good as you.

ItoSaithWebb responds:

Sure will, was thinking of stopping by anyways. I will be very honest though but constructive as well. Over at Deviant Art I run a critique club on how to do constructive critiques and how to receive them.


2009-08-15 03:50:46

nice. anyway i don't have a scanner, so the pic is a bit dicolored, and i can't realy shade with colored pencil. it feels wierd having a conversation with somone over the internet at 3 am.

ItoSaithWebb responds:

1 am here. Ya it can suck not having the gear that you want when you need it.


2009-08-15 05:08:39

i am such an idiot. i looked at the ng clock X<. any way it's 2 now! thanks for the comment. i can do better, just can't color!

ItoSaithWebb responds:

np , I think I am gonna hick the rack now. Cheers = )


2009-08-15 08:19:08

Your priestess-of-cthulhu is amazing! I thought the detail was amazing. I don't really know what a cthulhu is, but it seems like some mythical beast.

ItoSaithWebb responds:

Thanks, Cthulhu is creation by the father of modern Horror H.P. Lovecraft. Anything you ever seen of horror that has Demons from another dimension, tentacles, aliens, mind swaps and etc... are influenced by Lovecraft. He is my favorite horror writer. Lovecraft has been gaining popularity again and sooner than later Del Toro is going to do a film based of one of his more famous books.


2009-08-15 18:04:21

hey, i'm just wondering, what program do you use? it'd help me a lot to learn your techniques!

ItoSaithWebb responds:

I use Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. As far as techniques they are rather the same techniques in traditional painting and rendering but just applied to the tools that PS provides.


2009-08-16 19:01:29

Man, your stuff blows my mind

ItoSaithWebb responds:

That is really going to stain the carpet.